Greetings to all of our ACA Parents, old and new !

I would like to introduce myself to any of the parent’s who I have not met yet, but look forward to meeting and working with this 2011-2012 school year. My name is Laura Leigh and my daughter is Olivia, she is in the 1st grade this year. It was very sad to hear that The Snapp family will not be here with us this year at ACA, Cindy was a great motivator and a big help to the school, as well as our PTA president. I spoke with Mrs. Harris on Monday and I will be taking over Cindy’s role, as the PTA president and have some great projects already set in motion for this year. I don’t plan on asking parent’s to sell anything this year, but to work on things that may require to volunteer a few hours here and there. Selling pizza kits and candy bars is not going to bring in the money that we need to work on raising this year just based on the size of our school. I personally dread having to ask relatives and friends to buy things. I previously was working 12 to 14 hour shifts at my  job, as well as having to taxi Olivia around to dance, etc., so I know that your personal and family time is very important! I would like to discuss the upcoming projects set in motion at the 1st PTA meeting that is scheduled for Thursday, September 1st at 7pm. Mrs. Harris would like have the meeting scheduled for the 1st Thursday of each month. I would like to organize a few parents for each project to work together, so that we can alternate the amount of time everyone in contributing. If anyone wanted to be involved with every project, it would be a blessing, but I know that you may also be dividing your time with helping out in other ways with the school. I look forward to hearing all of the parent’s ideas for the upcoming school year and can not stress the importance of trying to be at the PTA meetings, but I understand that sometimes things arise and we can’t always be everywhere all of time. I had a very nice talk with Tony Lamartina, he is the President of the School Board and will be working on marketing and building enrollment for the school. Mrs. Harris will be speaking at our 1st meeting about several subjects, we will all have an idea regarding our budget this year and we can set goals on where the funds should be  allocated for each fundraising project. We will be in need of a new PTA secretary whose duties would include; taking notes at the meetings and then forwarding them out, as an e-mail to all of the parents and faculty. Please e-mail or call me at (443) 305-2567, if you would like to volunteer for this position. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.


Laura Leigh


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