Box Tops

Dear Parents,

ACA will be participating with 3 programs this 2011-2012 school year.  We will be collecting BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION, LABELS FOR EDUCATION AND COKE REWARDS FOR SCHOOLS.”  Many parents are already aware of these programs and all it requires is to clip the labels from boxes and cans and drop them in the appropriate collection box. The collection boxes are located upstairs and will be placed together in the same location.  The school will be sending this information out to The New Covenant Church members and we will place the collection boxes downstairs after school on Fridays for Sunday service and taken back upstairs Monday morning.  These box tops, labels and point rewards are important to the school, every little bit helps the teachers purchase school supplies and classroom materials.  Nancy Zeni has volunteered to empty and enter the rewards for the school.


1. Collect box tops, labels and point rewards at home and bring them to the school.

2. Ask relatives to save and collect the box tops, labels and points rewards for our school.  I know that “Coke Rewards” allows people to create accounts at home and donate the points to our school.  They can find us by clicking on “Donate points to schools” and then by entering our zip code, it will show the schools by area that are registered.

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