Paper Retriever

Dear Parents,

Arnold Christian Academy has teamed up with “PAPER RETRIEVER RECYCLING PROGRAM.” As a bin host, we will provide a convenient recycling drop-off location for the community. ACA will not only bring attention to our school and The New Covenant Church, but we will then receive payments based on the volume of paper collected. The paper recycle bin will be placed on the property and emptied twice a month at no cost to the school. Our earning potential is unlimited with parent participation and community awareness.

What goes in the bin?

Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs, Direct Mail, Office Paper, School Paper, Brochures, School Folders, Store Circulars and Shredded paper , as long as it is in clear plastic bags.

Some quick examples of local resources: Store sale papers/ads, Any brochure or advertising media, Auto-trader, Apartment/Home Finders, College Catalogs, Free children’s magazines, What’s Up Magazine, the possibilities are endless.

Items not to collect:

Cardboard, Plastic, Metal, Garbage,Kitchen/Bathroom Paper Products and Cereal Boxes.


  1. Start recycling at home; mail, phone books, newspaper, magazines and catalogs. Bring the items on your way to and from school and drop-off in school recycler bin.
  2. Place a recycle bin at your work and collect the paper. If they already recycle, ask if we can have the paper. Bring the paper to school or we can make arrangements to pick-up once a week.
  3. Organize a paper drive in your neighborhood or social group on a certain day.
  4. Check with your local grocery store on when they change over the store circulars and arrange pick-up once a week.
  5. If you know someone who is a newspaper carrier, ask about having the extra papers that might be available.
  6. If you know someone involved with a certain publication request that have anything old or outdated that might be available.

There are many available resources for our recycling program. Above are just a few examples. Let’s put on our thinking hats on and raise money for our school!

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